Why Pay More?

I remember when I started Swagger Beards in 2014 and back then there were only around 4 Australian brands actually giving it a good crack. Fast forward 6 years and every dick, tom and harry is having a good old crack! The men’s beard care market is saturated, even saying it like that seems like a gross understatement!

It gets worse though.. the market isn’t just saturated, it is overpriced! We thought it was time to disrupt that market with complete transparency and prices that sometimes make you go “How the f#$k is that so cheap?” There is simply no reason for consumers to be paying the prices they are for a beard oil!!!!!

Let’s define disrupt for a moment…

Disrupt – “a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors.”

So to answer the “How the f#$k is that so cheap?” questions we keep getting, we made a short and sweet infographic below.

The infographic shows a complete and transparent breakdown of our beard oil pricing. From marketing costs all the way to our profit (which you’ll see is buckleys!).

So why sell it so cheap?

To disrupt of course! Also, I love what I do. I love formulating new products in our very own lab and I also freelance formulate products for other brands (This is where I make a chunk of my income). More importantly though, I don’t NEED to overprice my retail products – As you can see, they remain profitable even at a very fair price.

So, why the F#@k is it so cheap? Well, it’s not. It’s fair. Maybe you should ask our competitors why they aren’t?

So… #whypaymore