What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil is a definite must-have for individuals who fancy having a beard. There are people that use this product but are not really aware of the purpose of using it. They are using a beard oil due to the recommendation of other people.

Well, you should not be a stranger to the purpose of beard oil. Beard oil is one of the essential products needed if you are a person who takes pride in his beard. The great thing is you’ve come to the right place! This article will be providing you with the purpose of beard oil and what it does to your precious beard and the skin below it. 

Purpose of Beard Oil

Beard oil is a product used for the maintenance of a beard. It gives your beard and skin nutrients and hydration it needs. It can also help in the growth of the beard to be healthy and strong later on. Beard oil is also used to style and hold the beard hair in place. It offers a very slight hold to keep the hair in one shape or in a style you desire. Lastly, beard oil also gives usually has a fragrance, making it possible to be used as a natural cologne. 

How Does It Nourish the Skin? 

Well, the beard is not the only part of your face to benefit. It can also help the skin beneath the beard. The beard oil is also one way of skincare, as you may call it. It is a product for men, which can be beneficial for the skin. The beard oil works on the skin by keeping it hydrated and supplied with nutrients to aid the beard hair to grow healthy and strong. 

It can also be used to cleanse the skin under the beard providing another skincare benefit. Beard oil is recommended to be applied after taking a bath or shower when the pores of the skin are open. If the pores are open, then it can absorb the oil easily. 

But a mental note, although it is beneficial to the skin, it can also bring disadvantages if you go overboard. What I mean with overboard is too much oil. The amount of oil that you should use should be limited to 3-4 drops only. Transcending the recommended level may be bad for both the skin and the beard hair. 

How Does It Condition the Hair?

It acts as a moisturiser to the skin and a conditioner to the hair. Once the oil is applied to the beard, it goes directly to the core of the hair, which is the hair follicle. By directly affecting the hair follicle it keeps the hair in its optimal state and reducing the chances of it getting brittle causing breakages. A good beard oil mirrors the natural oil produced by the skin which is beneficial for the skin. 

The perfect time to apply beard oil is after taking a bath, where the beard hair is slightly damp. Apply the beard oil through and across the beard to maximize the conditioning capability of the product, we also recommend you comb it into your beard as well. This, in the end, will make your beard hair silky smooth and at the same time, smelling great! 

Why Does Your Beard Need It?

In general, the beard oil does not only function as the growing agent, conditioning, and cologne for the beard, it actually has more benefits which are handy. If you have a beard and take pride in it, then you should really consider buying beard oil. There is a time where you will be experiencing the so-called beard itch, and unless you use a beard oil you will be experiencing the itch for a long time. It keeps the itch at bay while keeping your beard nourished for a healthy and optimal state. Tell me, who wants a disorganized and smelly beard? No one right? So, opting to use a beard oil is the greatest move you can ever make. 

There are people that underestimate the capability of beard oil, so they opt to use nothing at all for their beards. But they are wrong on so many levels. If they are not using beard oil or any products at all, then they are risking damage to their beard and the skin which lies beneath. Don’t be like them though, take care of your beard and invest in a quality beard oil.