Our History


Swagger Beards was born. Swagger Beards was one of a small handful of Australian businesses providing beard care for Australian men.


Swagger Beards opened its first online store with 4 Beard Oils and 4 Beard Balms. Swagger Beards quickly became a prominent Aussie beard care brand.


Swagger Beards had a slight rebrand, introduced new products and dropped the term “beards” and became known simply as “Swagger”. We continued to grow with over 12,500 orders fulfilled since the opening of our online store.

Swagger made it into GQ and began fulfilling international orders.


In late 2017 we sought branding advice and future business advice. Based on this advice we decided to close the doors on Swagger and looked to pursue the American market under a new brand Kinsfolk Grooming.

Kinsfolk Grooming never felt right, and although successful, 12 months after we started Kinsfolk we decided to end it and have some much needed R&R.

2018 – 2020

Since 2018 we have been inundated with requests from our thousands of customers to return as Swagger. In the early stages, this wasn’t possible due to family and education commitments. I knuckled down and learned cosmetic chemistry and invested in proper cosmetic manufacturing equipment as well as a “Lab” space. I wanted to ensure that when Swagger did return it would not only return with similar products to when we departed but also have the ability to expand into different products in the future.

One thing I never stopped researching was the Men’s cosmetic industry. Particularly beard care. What I noticed was multiple new brands springing up offering all these weird and wonderful (mostly BS) products and I personally feel that the beard care industry had become a little “tainted”. With brands continually ripping off consumers and charging $25-30+ for a beard oil I knew that it was time that things became a little bit more transparent in this industry.

May 2020

Swagger is now re-established as “By Swagger”

By Swagger is committed to bringing Australian Men affordable beard and skincare with no expense on quality. We will offer you the same products other brands sell for a fraction of what they are charging.

In the future, we will formulate new products in house which almost none of our local competitors can do. Because we control every aspect of our operation from formulation through to manufacturing we can supply our products for a much more competitive rate than our competition and with complete transparency of the entire process.