By Swagger is committed to providing men with affordable and functional beard and skincare products. By “functional” we mean products that will do what we say they will, products that will deliver the same result time and time again.

From an ingredient stand point we strive to use only the best ingredients available to us. We source all of these ingredients within our own Australian borders and ensure the supply chains those companies use are ethical and sustainable. We don’t focus on whether our ingredients are natural or synthetic, instead, we focus on the ingredients benefit to you and its benefit to our formulations. Just because something is natural does not mean it’s good for you and just because something is synthetic does not mean it’s bad for you. One focus point is pH. Ensuring our products pH is perfect means that your skin will recognise and accept our products, allowing absorption of our key ingredients and actives without destroying your acid mantle or irritating your skin.



We wanted to keep our pricing transparent and affordable. For years beard and skincare companies have been gouging consumers of their hard earned cash, take a look around and you’ll see most Australian beard care companies are charging $25+ for a beard oil. By Swagger is committed to providing extremely competitve pricing without a compromise on quality.


It’s important that we all do our bit for the environment. That’s why By Swagger uses recyclable packaging for all of our products. We typically see most beard balms packaged in unrecyclable tin packaging. We wanted to move away from this and focus on glass and recyclable plastics only, both hard and soft.


By Swagger is committed to using only the best ingredients that are available to us from our suppliers here in Australia. We use a combination of synthetic and natural ingredients with a focus on ingredient safety rather than a focus on “natural” or “synthetic”. All of our formulations have been engineered to use safe levels of all ingredient types whether that be synthetic or natural. Because too much of either can be unsafe.




The cosmetic industry is full of bullshit marketing, from magical hair growing serums to healing essential oils and magnetic face masks / scrubs. By Swagger will never advertise our products with false or misleading information to make a quick buck. Unfortunately this can’t be said for other cosmetic brands, both local and abroad.


We can’t emphasise this enough. All of our products are made right here in Australia. We import absolutely NOTHING from other countries. This also includes our packaging, which is also made right here in Australian factories, not China, India or Thailand like so many cosmetic companies use to cut costs at the price of horrific working conditions, child labor and poor wages.