How To Transition To A Solid Shampoo Bar

Store bought liquid shampoo is often filled with shit ingredients like detergents, silicones, sulphates, SLS and Parabens. If your wanting to head down a more natural pathway of washing your hair then you should read on.

When you look at a typical ingredient list on most shampoos you tend to see anywhere from 15-50 ingredients. Most you can’t even pronounce. At By Swagger, we wanted to give our customers a cleaner, more natural option when it came to washing their hair. Say hello to the Solid Shampoo Bar! We need to warn you though, nothing good comes for free and it takes some time for your hair to transition into a newer, cleaner and greener form of washing it.

The Transition

When you start using a shampoo bar it’s important to know that you only need a tiny amount in comparison to the liquid variety. A good starting point for short to medium length hair is 4-6 strokes with the bar from forehead backward to your neck applying to wet hair of course! After this is done you then proceed to rub your hands through your hair and massaging your scalp as you would any other shampoo. Once this is complete rinse the shampoo out of your hair. One thing you will notice is your hair won’t feel slippery as most liquid shampoos. This is a point that can make those reconsider using a shampoo bar but hold up a second. The only reason your hair feels slippery after a shampoo is silicone. Yep, silicone!

It is completely normal when starting out with natural solid shampoo bars that your scalp or hair can feel oily or dry, have a little extra frizz, feel tangled, or even waxy. Hang in there, itโ€™s totally worth it. I promise! This is just your hair adjusting to the change and in the end, you will have synthetic free, clean, shiny and healthy hair. So recapping again on the shit ingredients, commercial shampoos contain harsh detergents that strip the oils from your hair and often replace it with a smooth coating of silicone (as we said above). In response to this, our scalps can produce excess sebum. When transitioning to a more natural, gentler approach, it may take a few weeks for sebum production to return to normal.

If you want to make the transition a little easier, follow up your shampoo routine with a good quality, natural conditioner.

Transitioning to a solid shampoo bar is really that simple. It’s a mixture of time and your hair and scalp getting used to a natural product instead of all the synthetic nonsense our bodys are so accustomed to these days!