Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil

Beard Oil VS Beard Balm

There are men who take pride in their elegant and awesome looking beard. Others will simply brush or trim, but there are others that will go the distance. Some will go to salons and have their classy beards trimmed by experts. But the true essence of maintenance for your masculine beards does not lie solely on the actions but also on the products you are using. 

There are men who use beard oil, while others use beard balm and some that use both. But here’s the question, are there any differences between these products?

Fortunately for you, this article will be able to help you know the difference between these two products. Well, let’s not beat around the bush, and discuss the two:

Beard Oil

Let’s go with the beard oil first, and this product is considered to be a versatile as it is not only great for the beard but also for the skin. Beard oil contains vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for the beard and the skin. The primary purpose of the beard oil is to soften the beard hair allowing for easy styling. It also moisturises the skin beneath your beard.

If you have flyaways, then the beard oil is the solution for that. It keeps the beard hair intact while also performing another crucial function. When there is hair, there is always the risk of dandruff, well in the case of the beards, it may be called “beardruff.” The other crucial function that the beard oil performs is to eliminate these flakes. 

But the greatness of the beard oil doesn’t end there. It is also known that beard oils bring this certain fragrance, alas, it may also be used as cologne for your classy beards. Beard oil is recommended more when the beard is just starting to grow. It gives added nourishment to help it grow strong and healthy. 

When should I apply the Beard Oil?

Ideally.  when you just got out of the shower is the best time to apply the beard oil. By this time, your beard is cleaned and dried off. Note, it is important that you should always apply the oil if your beard is dry. 

Applying Beard Oil:

If you are new in terms of beards, then you should be able to know how to apply to the beard oil. Below is the step-by-step method on how to apply beard oil:

  • Step 1: Wash and Dry your Beard

Of course, the primary step will always be regarding the state of your beard. You must first clean the beard to get rid of unnecessary impurities or dirt. To maximize the full benefit of the beard oil, your beard and the skin must be in optimal and in a clean state. 

  • Step 2: Drop and Spread

Only drop a few drops of beard oil, preferably 3-4. Spread the oil drops in your palms evenly. Smear the oil all over your palm, extending to your fingers to maximize the usage of the beard oil. 

  • Step 3: Main Application

The trick to applying the beard oil is to work it into the skin before going to the beard. Aim for the roots of your beard to provide it with enough nourishment keeping it strong and healthy. Now that you have done the roots, you can now spread it across and through your beard. Brush both of your palms across the side of the beards. Also, tackle the underpart of the beard by bringing both of your hands from the bottom to the top. 

  • Step 4: Final Touch

You’re not finished just yet, there is still one last vital thing to do, and that is to groom the beard using a comb. Comb the beard to the style you want. The beard oil will help to keep it organised and styled the way you want it. And if you achieved the desired style, then your beard oil application is done. 

Beard Balm

There are men who prefer beard balm over beard oil. Why? Beard balm is great if the size of your beard is medium to large (a few inches or more). Being a balm, the viscosity is relatively high compared to the oil. So, it tends to rest on your beard for a longer time, taking time to absorb, thus offering longer duration of moisture and nourishment. 

It can also be used to hold and style your beard just like the oil, however, balm generally provides a stringer hold.  Although the oil and the balm can be used for styling, the balm offers more thickness and hold for the beard. Plus, it gives your beard this extra shine. 

When should I apply Beard Balm?

Just like beard oil, the best time for beard balm to be applied is when your beard is clean. So, right after your shower is a perfect time, when your beard is clean, and your skin is moisturised with a beard oil.. 

Applying Beard Balm:

Applying the beard balm is any easy process. Just like beard oil, you will be given a step-by-step process on how to correctly apply the beard balm:

  • Step 1: Clean and Dry your Beard

The most essential step to consider is to clean and dry your beard. If you want the maximum benefit of this product, then clean your beard and keep impurities at bay. Don’t completely dry it out though, consider a little bit of moisture for the beard hair and for the skin.

  • Step 2: Scrape and Spread

Different from the oil, the balm is in the form of a hard balm. Scrape a decent amount with the back of your thumb nail and spread all over your palm extending to your fingers. 

  • Step 3: Apply through and Across the Beard

You can immediately begin applying the palm-smeared balm through your beard, rubbing both the hair and the skin. Directing it to the skin will help the roots to receive more nourishments for health and growth. Don’t forget to apply some across the beard from the center to the side, also, from the bottom to the top. You must be able to cover every section of your beard to maximize its nourishment and hold capabilities. Don’t forget your mo as well!

  • Step 4: Style and Comb

Now that you have applied the balm all over your beard, it’s time to style it the way you desire. You can use the comb to groom and style the beard at the same time. Through this, you will be keeping the beard in a manageable and decent looking shape. 

The beard oil and the beard balm have their own capabilities, but there are people that use them both. The combination of the similarities and differences makes both of them a must-have and must-use product for men with beards. Beard oil or beard balm, both will be beneficial to your beard, but the decision on what to use still depends on you. But if you want, you can use both and enjoy the best of both worlds’ benefits!

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