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Do Face Masks Work With Beards

It’s a question we often see in bearded folks asking in Facebook groups. Do face masks work with beards? Hopefully, we’re going to answer that question today! We even stole a little infographic from the CDC, I know, I know, The CDC is American and we’re Aussie! But that’s cool because luckily Americans are human just […]

How To Fix An Itchy Beard

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. The dreaded dry, itchy, and flaky beard. The times you look down and see your chest or shoulders with nice little snow piles that have gracefully fallen from your beard. At times it feels like you should just shave it all off and be done with it! But don’t […]

Why Pay More?

I remember when I started Swagger Beards in 2014 and back then there were only around 4 Australian brands actually giving it a good crack. Fast forward 6 years and every dick, tom and harry is having a good old crack! The men’s beard care market is saturated, even saying it like that seems like […]